Carla Markwart


I find I am always trying to figure out how lines that define shapes also create a pattern that flattens out the world. Looking at maps, I see space; looking at space, I see patterns I want to map. By limiting myself to straight lines in this series (with a few curves allowed in) I am making the edges into interlocking shapes, trying to make an overall pattern using only lines. Color is the element that allows in the irrational.

After working from observation in a traditional way for many years, I don't find the slowness of mimetic painting refreshing anymore. I'm still looking at the same old things but I'm trying to put more into each painting: more space, more color, more clarity. In each one, I get a little closer.

MFA UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA. 1990
BFA U of I, Champaign, IL. 1982


Lonnie Stewart Award of Excellence Galesburg Civi Art Center


Galex 51 at Galesburg Civic Art center, Galesburg, IL


  • Painting
  • drawing
  • teaching


Galesburg, IL